About Dayton Urban BBQ

Legendary Old School BBQ Resurrected


My name is Scott Green. I am the owner and operator of Dayton Urban BBQ. The story of how DUB got it’s start, is really quite simple. I’d just enlisted in the United State Marine Corps. I found I really enjoyed serving good food to my company during our deployment. I wanted to make  my bother Marines feel relaxed and give them a little slice of home. If I could provide that for them, I felt that they would be able to have a good day. It all started with Thanksgiving, and then rolled over into Christmas. No matter what we, as Marines were going through, good old-school style BBQ always made us feel at home. I try every day to bring that piece of home to everyone that eats everyone my BBQ. That’s why the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor stands strong in my window. Once a Marine, always a Marine.